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Wasted Too much Money on Search Engine Optimization already?


Tired of Incompetent SEO companies that don’t really care about your business?

Sick of empty promises, hype, false claims, and no results?


“We have a proven track-record of successful Search Engine Optimization Campaigns….

You are probably quite aware that the internet has increased competition for most businesses. There’s a real good chance it has increased competition in your industry as well.  One of the reasons is that physical location is no longer as important as it used to be.

But where the internet is concerned there are proven strategies and techniques to stand out & rank better than your competition so that your website, and your business, becomes more visible to your prospects and customers.

One way to be seen more often is to get your site showing up at the top of the search results. That will get you more traffic to your site, right?

Of course the answer is “yes” if your site is properly positioned with phrases that your prospects are actually searching for when they have a problem to solve.

The desire to get to the top of search results leads many to the topic of search engine optimization. But paying for a search engine optimization service can be rather risky.

If you are not cautious these days, consider this a friendly warning. It’s so easy to hire the wrong company, wasting your time and money.

And not only that…

When you hire a company to do this important work for you, you expect their efforts to work. Am I right?

You expect RESULTS!  And you deserve to get results.

Unfortunately, getting real search engine rankings, traffic to your website, visitors that take action, and real results is something you can only do with experience and knowing exactly how things work. You and your  marketing team are the best people as owners of your business knowledge. Even if you outsource your Online Marketing work, you are the best person to keep the strategy in position. The understanding you have of your business, you cannot expect others to have the same.

Surely you’ve heard the saying…

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”

With SEO, that’s much easier said than done, because…

SEO is confusing – What works and what doesn’t? What will get your site banned? What will make Google love your site? You need complex, expensive software to automate things. But that software comes with quite a learning curve. And even with that help, there’s still a lot to do manually.
Methods change all the time, so are you spending your time with what works today, or what worked 3 years ago?

And there are a ton more reasons you might hear that could discourage you from doing this yourself.

But that’s just what the SEO companies want you to think!

Because if you believe all that, you will keep yourself from increasing your understanding!

Our Program designer is Jeffrey Kirk. He has been working with business websites for the past 20 years. That’s about 18 to 20 years longer than most so-called gurus and Online Marketing Companies.

All the way back in 1993 he put together his first “e-commerce” business, sourcing products from Europe and Southeast Asia, and selling them into Kazakhstan, part of the former Soviet Union. The young internet, used for business purposes, was his strategic advantage.

Because he needed more reliable access, he started a dial-up internet service in 1995 that served the Waukesha and Milwaukee areas of Wisconsin. The company, Comstar LLC, and the service, Wauknet, were featured for years inThe Business Journal’s Top List of Largest Milwaukee-Area Internet Service Providers.

As Internet evolved, Comstar shifted focus into website hosting and became an award winning website development firm. Among others we were awarded a Small Business Times Top 10 Small Businesses Award in 2005.

Of course, if you haven’t heard of Comstar or Wauknet, it’s OK. We were often under the radar,” quietly helping businesses with their online presence.

What you really need to know about the team at Up at Dawn is

We have helped many businesses start and improve their internet presence.
We have often performed ongoing SEO work, month after month, to keep businesses in prominent search rank positions.
We have seen changes, the evolution, of the ways in which internet marketing works. And while it used to require a lot of technical knowledge to get things done,  it no longer does!!!

Now you can focus on the marketing part and not be hassled by what technology is all about. 

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