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Can’t find the right SEO-trained personnel for your organization? Train the old and the new hires.


Tired of Incompetent SEO recruits who claim they understand ethical SEO? Good and experienced SEO too expensive for you to hire?


“We have a proven track-record of training large teams for management of Online Assets”

It is now imperative that you as a Media Agency understand the client’s business inside out. Gone are the days where the clients would hire a Media Agency and forget about it. Nor are today’s clients the kinds where they do not understand SEO.

We designed a Training Program envisaging your client’s needs. Convert each of your staff members into Assets. We know how difficult it is to hire trained, experienced and ethical SEO people. You can do more. Hiring un trained resources causes serious business issues.

One Project Manager to manage 15 or 30 SEO people?

Help your assets understand the need of the client to get to the top of search results. The importance of generating leads. Your client’s pay you to get them to the top of the search rankings Actually NOT. They pay you to make their website and their Online Presence VISIBLE. Not only to generate Leads, but Leads that will convert.

And not only that…

When a client hires you, they expect their efforts to work. Are we right? You expect RESULTS!  And you deserve to get results.

Working on large SEO campaigns is not something fresh hires can work on. 

So, How Does This Work? – Find More Details

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